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Centerfresh stands for the future in Food Service Equipments.Passion and commitment make it possible to realise even the most ambitious dreams.We believe in customer satisfaction, technological development and the value of quality.Our objective is to supply products and services that have unmistakable technological value and that contribute to improving the work and life of those who choose them.We acknowledge the human and professional value of the people who work with us.We believe in honesty, trust, cooperation and mutual respect.


Featured Service


Food service equipments

We specialize in providing branded item for the various Hotels requirements, all the item are specified by leading Hotel chain in the world. Our close proximity to the manufactures gives us the leverage over pricing accommodating the required delivery schedule.


Walk in Chiller & Freezer

We are specialized in designing, supplying, manufacturing, erection, commissioning and maintaining of quality cold rooms and related equipments & services. We provide a full line of services to meet the needs of the industrial refrigeration marketplace.


Spare Parts

This dedicated division holds stock of major kitchen equipment spare parts and are able to supply and install spares of all  brands. We understand the urgency of supplying the spares as the equipment is the tool to the clients business and therefore this makes the Spare parts Department to be the most sought after division as we are able to identify the problem and the spares, install the spare parts and get the equipment to work again in the shortest span of time. 

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